AM Stacke Group, AMSG for short, is a subsidiary of the listed company Amnode AB. The company was founded in 2004 and this industrial group includes another two companies. All operational business activities are based in the AM Stacke Group, under the leadership of CEO Sam Olofqvist.



Stacke Mattssons AB

Stacke Mattssons AB in Gnosjö processes hot-pressed brass and carries out automatic turning in steel, aluminium and brass. There is also a department for machining castings and larger steel rods.

SGV Forging in Skultuna AB

SGV Forging in Skultuna AB is located in the brass town of Skultuna. The forging process at SGV marks the first step in the Group’s production of hot-formed components. The company manufactures hot-pressed and machined components in brass, copper and aluminium.





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